Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Resolutions

A fresh new year and a time to reflect.  I've always kind of enjoyed setting goals at the beginning of a new year.  Maybe that's because I'm a list maker and set goals daily.  But resolutions are an opportunity to dig deeper and better ourselves.  I think perhaps we all could benefit from slowing down and keeping ourselves in check once a year, if not more.  Here are my top resolutions for 2013:

#1.  Live in the Moment (and put down the phone).

I'd like to learn to enjoy my time away from work without constantly checking my email, voicemail, facebook, instagram, and pinterest.  My husband is good at keeping me in check with and did exactly that when we were at a NYE dinner and I ruined the moment by pulling out my phone and was immediately sucked in.  It's not healthy and it need not consume my time as much as it does. 

#2.  Listen to my Body. 

This simply means, learn moderation.  Not too much food, not too much wine, and listen to my body carefully.  It never lies when it's had enough, and I feel the absolute best when I listen and respect the limits.   

#3.  More Yoga.

I have found a deep love for yoga.  Although it is expensive and class times don't always agree with my schedule, I need more of it in my life.  The rewards are positively worth it. 

(i did my first forearm stand last week!)
#4.  Buy a Bike.

Since we moved to our new house, we now have access to these amazing trails (which I have been on exactly zero times!).  I'm growing tired of the elliptical and have always loved the outdoors.  It just makes sense and I need a new cardio workout challenge. 

#5.  Get Organized.

I would love to master organization in our new home.  Live lean and get rid of what isn't used (donation pick-up is scheduled for later this month so I need to get busy!).  More importantly, find a space for those handbags, jewelry, and scarves that aren't quite accessible in Rubbermaid's on the closet floor.  I'll blog about my progress but please share any solutions that work for you! 

There are a lot of great blog entries right now on resolutions.  Check them out here, here, and here should you need some inspiration. 

Wishing you the best in 2013! 


Kari said...

Great post, Lexie! I've thought about making a resolution about learning how to do a headstand/forearmstand/anything-stand. I'll have to ask you for tips when I do. :)
I am so very honored that you linked me in your post- gracias and happy new year to you!

Lexanne said...

@Kari - I think your blog is a great tool for people to do small resolutions throughout a year and it's full of great ideas and inspiration. As for the headstand/forearm stand - if I can do it, you can too! All that's required is a good patient yoga coach and I'm luck enough to have found one. She had us start against a wall so it's less intimidating. HNY!

kate said...

hi lexie! i haven't visited your blog in too long so i'm just getting caught up. love all your posts! you make me want to get busy on our house...and put some goals in place... and and and :)