Wednesday, December 12, 2012

economical vs. expensive furniture

i have been on the market for 2 side chairs and have been debating on whether or not to invest in quality furniture or go with economical options.  my wish list continues to grow as our budget stays the same. 

making our dollars stretch right now is important.  however, i do believe you get what you pay for in terms of furniture.  i've learned many important lessons on doing things right the first time instead of having to replace something that doesn't hold up. 

that said, the room that i'm working on is our more formal living room -  one that's not frequently used.  i decided to go the more economical route this time, but advise on really assessing how much use and abuse the furniture will get.  spending the extra money is often times worth it. 

let's cut to the chase.  we all love a good deal, am i right?

i stumbled upon this chair recently at JCPenny Homestore while looking for window hardware. i almost walked right by it because the fabric is waaaaaaaay too busy but the fabric swatches adjacently displayed made me realize it was customizable and peeked my interest to take a second look.  the lines of the chair were actually well designed and versatile!

there was a charcoal gray faux mohair option that caught my eye. i pondered long on hard if i could really pull this off on a budget and have it look like a quality piece.


in 4-6 weeks i'll be able to report whether or not my risk was worth it.  in the meantime, i spied this crate and barrel chair for $999 and couldn't believe how closely it matched the chair we'll soon be receiving.  can you see the resemblance?

the important thing to note when furniture shopping is the overall design.  paint and fabric can easily be changed and this is a true testament of that. 

JCP Tori Chair $360 (after the friends & family 20% off coupon i snagged from the register)
Crate & Barrel Clara Chair $999

take that X's 2 which equals a $1278 savings!

soon i'll be featuring our new desk, which on the contrary, was more of an investment piece.  it supports the local community, a family business, and will be used on an every day basis for years to come. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

the DIY Tufted headboard i don't recommend doing

(unless you're a diy queen, like jenny.)

many months ago, i attempted my own tufted headboard and gave up with frustration.  i followed jenny's instructions from little green notebook.  she has the best projects, doesn't she? 
 (image via LGN)
the problem i found was that pesty pegboard, although genius, was too dense for my staple gun to penetrate through.
determined to get our new guest room together, i picked up this project again and hammered every $&@# staple into that pegboard and showed no mercy.  and that, my friends, is how you get things done.
by the end, my fingers were on fire and my back was aching.  not to mention my patience worn thin.

i think next time i'll either buy the most powerful staple gun known to mankind or go with plywood and pre-drill the holes myself.
(OR just buy a headboard.  now that's a thought.) 
now to find some new pillows to show this baby off  ...