Wednesday, April 4, 2012


do you ever notice when you start working on a room it always snowballs and the scope inevitably grows?  our freshly painted guest room walls were looking so clean and airy, but my old dresser was not.  it was time to give this baby new life. 

remember shabby chic?  i think that's what i was going for here.  about 8 years ago.  time for a fresh look, i'd say. 

i love a piece with a removable mirror.  i decided it wasn't the look i'm after this time, but always an option again down the road. 

this simple brass ring hardware is versatile and classic. it helps make the dresser just a little more polished. so long shabby! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

a clean slate

although the vintage wallpaper in the guest room had some charm to it, close up it had seen better days.  it was beginning to look pretty worn and weathered; i would guess it has been in this room for many many years.

we decided it was time for a fresh clean look in this room, which is always a process when it comes to stripping wallpaper. 

i envisioned fresh and clean as in white.  my favorite white is benjamin moore white dove; it's soft, warm, and versatile.   

i know it doesn't look like much now, but once the layers of the room come together, it will all start to make sense.  here are some of my favorite white rooms from pinterest

unfortunately (or maybe i should say fortunately), our floors are scheduled to be refinished in a few weeks so this room will be put on hold as we concentrate on any other last minute painting projects and the process of moving furniture out.  stay tuned ...