Thursday, December 6, 2012

the DIY Tufted headboard i don't recommend doing

(unless you're a diy queen, like jenny.)

many months ago, i attempted my own tufted headboard and gave up with frustration.  i followed jenny's instructions from little green notebook.  she has the best projects, doesn't she? 
 (image via LGN)
the problem i found was that pesty pegboard, although genius, was too dense for my staple gun to penetrate through.
determined to get our new guest room together, i picked up this project again and hammered every $&@# staple into that pegboard and showed no mercy.  and that, my friends, is how you get things done.
by the end, my fingers were on fire and my back was aching.  not to mention my patience worn thin.

i think next time i'll either buy the most powerful staple gun known to mankind or go with plywood and pre-drill the holes myself.
(OR just buy a headboard.  now that's a thought.) 
now to find some new pillows to show this baby off  ...

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