Tuesday, May 8, 2012

refinished floors!

what a month it has been as we took on the project of having the hardwood floors refinished.  slowly but surely we moved everything out of the house, down to our closets.  and slowly but surely, 4 weeks later, we are still working on getting settled back in. 

that said.  it was all worth it in the end.  the floors are gorgeous!  the biggest transformation i have seen yet to this house.  we are in awe.

you may remember the original retro linoleum flooring in the kitchen? 

here is mr. buddy wiggles showing a close up of where the linoleum and wood used to meet, both in poor condition. 

the use of two different floor materials with a threshold in between the kitchen and living room always bothered me.  i dreamed of the day that the floors would be cohesive throughout. 

the process of refinishing the floors itself took 5 days.  we hired this work out and they did a beautiful job.  i was pleasantly surprised to find that the refinishing price here is around $2/square foot vs. the $3/square foot it was in savannah.     

step 1:  sand

step 2:  patch in kitchen with new red oak

step 3:  stain so that old and new floors look cohesive

step 4:  3 coats of polyurethane

here is a before and after shot of the kitchen:



biggest lesson learned:  try to have the floors refinished if at all possible, upon purchase of property, prior to moving in.  it is otherwise a huuuuge inconvenience. 

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deborah said...

Love your new floor and the stain color....beautiful!!