Monday, March 19, 2012

celebrating 60 years

when i saw 60 years of memories floating around on pinterest, i knew it was something i wanted to execute for my mom's upcoming 60th birthday. 

the idea is to collect memories of the person you're celebrating from their closest family members and friends, and put them into separate envelopes.  it's such an amazing gift - i wish i could take credit for the idea myself.  but thank you, pinterest (specifically Holly Burns), for inspiring me yet again. 

with the help of my siblings, i sent out an email to those closest to our mom and watched in amazement as the memories poured in.   it was like christmas every day a new one arrived. they were all so lovely.


we hosted a birthday dinner at our house last weekend and presented my mom with the 60 years of memories and watched her open them, one by one (60 total).  it was such a treat to see her relive each memory.  she was so animated!

my mother, mind you, was in theater during her younger years, so (if we were lucky) we would occasionally get a reenactment of a memory and (if a song was referenced) some singing too.

this project is going down in the books as my most favorite, ever.  our house was full of laughter, food, sangria, and full hearts that night.  not to mention, that i caught my mom reading each memory for the second time the next morning, with a smile from ear to ear.   


Marliss Bombardier said...

That is sooo sweet !!! I was wondering how it turned out.

tbirdmama said...

It was a wonderful surprise! I was blessed tremendously by each message and/or photo. I am happy that I don't see any photos or videos of my performances. (yes... there were several...) Obviously, I felt pretty safe!

I am a fortunate Mother; my children are sooooo thoughtful. I will never forget my 60th birthday! I am still on CLOUD 9.