Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bathroom reno #2

we decided to tackle the second bathroom in our house, while we were on a roll and had the contractors in place.  (talk about chaos!  we had also discovered hail damage on our roof so the house was a construction zone for several weeks.) 

here is a photo of our 2nd bathroom at the beginning of the renovation.  the floor was a lovely (sarcasm) yellow vinyl that was looking pretty sad.

i saw potentional in that vanity, actually. it kind of had an art nouveau look to it; i had envisioned it to be salvaged with some glossy white paint and a carrara marble top.

however, my other half didn't have the same vision. (do you see a pattern here? ;)

in his defense, i don't know that any buyer would appreciate the vanity in a better state either and it had started to rot, so off it went.

i decided on a special order vanity at lowe's.  selections are very limited at a 24" width, especially if you are looking for drawers.  the search was challenging but, at last, i found one. 

it's nearly impossible for me to capture this space on camera as it is so compact, but i'll share with you some additional photos so you can form the image as a whole in your head.

the light fixture is clearly off center of the mirror (and vanity) and still needs to be adjusted.  the more details you can provide for your contractor the better.

oddly enough, the most difficult decision for me in this bathroom was the mirror.  i bought 3 and tried them all out.  since we decided to keep the existing square white tiles on the walls, i felt the modern mirrors made the tiles look oddly out of place and outdated.  hence, the more traditional one we ended up with. 

we were so pleased with how the pink tub was refnished, we decided to give this one a fresh look on life as well. 


deborah said...

Very nice Lexie, I love your wall color too...

Lexanne said...

Thanks, Deborah!

Christina said...

The tub looks great! May I ask if you contracted out and how much you paid?

Also, I love the new vinyl, it looks great with the vanity!

Lexanne said...

We had the tub refinished by a professional in the Kansas City area. It was $340 and came with a 10 year warranty. So far so good! It has held up wonderfully and a breeze to clean. Here is their website:
Hope that helps!