Friday, January 20, 2012

lucky day

i was driving to my (work) storage unit earlier this week where i keep wallcovering samples and happened to see a vintage knoll office chair sitting outside of a thrift store.  i made a sharp turn into the parking lot to get a closer look. 

finding an office chair for my home has been a huge struggle.  it's a hard balance finding something that is ergonomical, doesn't look too corporate, and isn't crazy expensive.  i am in absolute love with this one!

oddly enough, the upholsterer that was recommended to me by a friend is merely blocks away.  i think the chair and i were meant to be.  this is my first experience in having a piece reupholstered and i'm super excited to see the transformation.  details soon!

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Fierce Girl Design said...

What a great find! How did it turn out? I didn't see a post on your blog and the suspense is killing me!