Sunday, January 15, 2012

decisions, decisions

i wanted to go more into detail about the decision process in our bathroom remodel.  if you've ever tackled a remodeling project you know how overwhelming it can be in making the 'right' selections!  as i said before, i tried to keep resale in mind as to what a potential buyer would want.  my goal was to keep it neutral and timeless vs. selecting anything too trendy that would only attract a certain audience or date over time.  resale or not, i actually think this is a good rule of thumb in any bathroom or kitchen remodel.  (hence the pink tub phase!)

the first big decision was what to do with that pink tub.  like many bathrooms, the tub was built into the studs and replacing it would be a challenge.  i had a positive experience during the savannah renovation having an old cast iron tub refinished and felt strongly about going that route again.  they don't make tubs like they used to and having the option to refurbish an old gem felt right to me.  the local company we used charges $340 (with an online coupon advertised on their website) and warrants their work for 10 years. 



the second big decision was whether to tile above the tub or install a fiberglass surround.  if we knew this was our forever home, there would be no contest and tile would win every time.  but in this case, was it worth the extra expense?  would we get our return?  it came down to that pesty window and cutting a shower surround around it.  i just wasn't convinced how that could logistically work and still look polished.  with subway tile being 22 cents a pop, i felt like we could manage that cost and would ultimately be happier with the end result. 

thirdly, pedestal sink vs. vanity!  i took a risk here because i know some buyers may be against pedestals with the lack of storage.  we tried to compensate by providing a medicine cabinet above and there is also a storage closet behind the door.  the previous vanity made this room seem so tight i was happy to see it go and the space open up. 

storage closet

pedestal with medicine cabinet above

the biggest things i learned during this process were to research, shop around, weigh out all options, and listen to my gut.  there were some very strong opinions given to me along the way about getting our return on what was spent, but ultimately this is something we wanted to proud of!  i didn't want to cut corners just because we may sell in a couple years.  someone once told me, "i've never regretted doing something right the first time".  (thanks mike millikan!)  i'm finding that to be very true, are you?

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tbirdmama said...

Looks fabulous! Love the colors! Looks clean and roomy!