Monday, October 31, 2011

resuming in november

i apologize for the lack of posts in october.  a few weeks ago we lost our 11 year old lab, niko, and i have been feeling a little out of sorts and unmotivated in the way of house projects.  *sigh* 

isn't it amazing how animals can touch our lives?  we are struggling with a rather large void in our home and hearts right now.

we are feeling especially thankful for our aussie, buddy wiggles, who has been offering lots of love and affection which is helping us cope and heal.  i have found myself taking buddy on lots of walks, runs, and hikes.  it feels therapeutic to be outdoors with him in this gorgeous fall weather. 

in other news, have you all been to lowe's lately?  i went over the weekend and was really impressed with their lighting selection in which i (finally) found a new fixture for the dining room.  i'll post more on that later this week ....