Wednesday, September 14, 2011


when i decided i needed hooks in my office to hang new ring sets of wallcovering samples, it suddenly dawned on me that i already had them. 

(thanks, heather, for gifting me those antlers.)

gotta love an easy spray paint project, because there isn't much that glossy white can't cure. 

(not that i didn't love the rustic look of the antlers, as they were.  i still have more antlers left so experimenting with different finishes won't be a problem.)



while i'm at it, why not add a little something the bookshelves too?  don't mind if i do.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

office bookshelves

the IKEA billy bookshelves are up!  the size of them couldn't have been more perfect to achieve a built-in look in my office nook.  there is a 4 inch gap around the perimeter that i think can easily be filled with some simple molding.  another project for another day. 


in progress

styling shelves has never been my thing so this will be a work in progress.  now that i have the storage for books, i can actually start collecting some!  i want these shelves to add some depth to the room, without looking cluttered. 

for other kc locals who are interested in making IKEA purchases, blue box delivery was wonderful to work with and they charge a fraction of the price of what IKEA does for shipping.  i was very pleased with how easy these shelves were to assemble.  painting the backs of them black was a little time consuming but the contrast is well worth it to me.

hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend!  the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guest Blogger

my friend, kari, has a blog called Resolution Revolution, and i'm the guest blogger for september!  check it out when you get a chance, and even after i'm gone.  it's such a neat concept:  a new resolution each month.  doesn't that seem much more attainable than big resolutions at the beginning of a new year? 

i'm writing about self reflection, inspired by a recent workshop i hosted/attended. 

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