Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cocktail anyone?

i have been on the search for a fabulous bar cabinet since 1999.  what could be more old-school hollywood glamour than a beautiful cabinet solely dedicated to mixing up a cocktail? 

(not to mention, rob and i desperately need to free up some space in our small kitchen.)

today, my search finally came to an end.

wait for it ...

rob's adorable aunt and uncle, jill and bo, helped us purchase this handsome piece as a wedding present.  they are such an inspiration to rob and i as a couple that the cabinet will remain even more special to us for years to come.

i'm so giddy with excitement, it will be a wonder if i get any sleep tonight.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a much needed upgrade

it may be the fresh, new, beautiful wedding presents piling up that inspired us to upgrade our appliances too.  or perhaps just the fact that it was time to say goodbye to our 1974 dishwasher (along with our water heater, washer, and dryer).

whatever the reason, i have embraced it with open arms.

rob has been the most persistent in these upgrades and as much as i agree, i can be a little tight with money.  but this is his baby - things that he has wanted to improve in this house as soon as he set foot inside.

my biggest fear was the 'economical choice' - the black panel/stainless dishwasher.  i can't explain the strong dislike of this design other than the black just taking away from the clean look it potentially could have.  (am i the only one that lies awake at night assessing these details?)

i bit my tongue on my somewhat anal designer tendencies and let him run free.  when he came home with this model, i nearly jumped in his arms.  (okay, i did jump in his arms.  can you blame me?)

oh glorious, happy day.  i may just marry that boy.  oh wait ... i am ... :)