Sunday, March 13, 2011

round or rectangular?

as i'm getting ready to finalize our table and chair rentals for the wedding, i realized i need to make a decision on the table shapes. 

i love the look of rectangular tables with a fabric runner and rows of plates.  it seems to make a strong statement to me of people gathering together.  it also seems very appropriate for an outdoor barn wedding, yes?

or round ...

i almost think round tables would require less in the way of centerpieces, which could make my diy list much more simple.  the softness of the round seems to also encourage conversation in a more natural way and with ease.  perhaps more intimate too?

what is your preference?  round or rectangular?  or maybe even a mixture of both?

images from once wed, 100 layer cake, and ink kc.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday funday?

hardly, but wouldn't that have been nice.  i can say it was a productive sunday.

there has been a lingering project that i finally checked off my list today.  the kind of project you avoid because you know it's going to involve hours of patching and sanding (and more patching and sanding) before you can even begin to think about the painting process ...

seeing this photo recently, was very sobering.  the unfinished hallway in the background stuck out like a sore thumb and was just the motivation i needed to kick myself into high gear.

how cute of us!  oh, wait ....

after committing to a long day soley focused to this space, i can now breath easier knowing we have a clean, fresh backdrop for any future photo op.

i decided to carry the benjamin moore white dove from the kitchen into the hallway as well.  because of the lack of a light source, this small space can feel dark very easily.

still to do:  recessed lighting, art, wood floors, and new door hardware.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

lexie vs. the yard

dear freshly trimmed trees:

be a doll this year, would you, and spread your branches to let the sun shine onto the lawn.  you've had your time to be the star of this show.  now it's the yard's turn to soak up that sun and grow.

the homeowner who has just exhausted all her resources attempting to grow grass

these guys were amazing to watch climbing from branch to branch with chainsaws on their hips

the debrit collected from our monstrous trees

after:  one freshly trimmed tree

i admit, it pains me a little to experience so much defeat in landscaping.  there has been more failure than success, which translates into a lot of money and energy down the drain. 

but alas, spring is upon us!  and that, my friends, excites me.