Monday, December 5, 2011

dining room updated (at last!)

the dining room has sadly been neglected the last few years.  old dated chandelier?  we have become very good at ignoring you and pretending you don't exist.


the farmhouse table was made by rob's brother.  isn't she a beauty?  i found the chairs at a garage sale and bought the set for $20.  they got a fresh coat of white paint last weekend which is a much better contrast against the table. 

we are having family over for dinner next weekend and i'm relieved to finally feel proud of this space!

farmhouse table:  utilitarian workshop
chairs:  garage sale
light fixture:  lowe's
art:  self made


Kerstin said...

That room has come a long way, nice work Lex!

Kari said...

obsessing over the table!!! everything looks incredible!

Lexanne said...

Thanks, ladies!