Thursday, August 4, 2011

ordering IKEA in KC

did you happen to see the posts today on design sponge and LGN on the DIY arched bookshelves?  it couldn't have come at a better time for me.  i have been debating bookshelves for my office for several weeks now, trying to decide the best route to take.

jenny took IKEA billy bookshelves and customized them by adding moulding and arches cut out of MDF board.  brilliant.  (i'd expect nothing less of LGN). 

the problem is that kansas city doesn't have an IKEA but thankfully, these shelves are available to order online.  however, my excitement was quickly brought to a halt when i got a shipping quote back of $349. 

i decided to take a chance and do a quick search on craigslist and guess what i discovered?  a local company who specializes in transporting IKEA furniture from the dallas store to kansas city residents at a fraction of the price.  this could be dangerous ...

i'm in the process of placing an order with them, so i'll let you know how it goes.  there is an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on their facebook page which was just the push i needed. 

the little nook in my office will be the perfect spot to achieve this built-in look. 

the larger your order, the smaller the freight, so i couldn't resist in throwing in the kulla ceiling lamp too.

the bookshelves and light fixtures (with freight) are adding up to less than $300.  *happy dance!*

photos from LGN and IKEA

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Kari said...

Or you can vacation to Austin, help us with our decor and drive your Billy bookshelves back to kc! :)