Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a serene inspiration

as a commercial wallcovering rep, i'm constantly inspired by design studios and projects that i'm exposed to.  but most recently, the new office of space planning + design in columbus park really spoke to me.  on my third visit last week to their studio i still found myself in awe, taking mental notes of everything i could, wishing i could move into their space or afford them to makeover mine. 

i remember a time right outside of design school when the objective was to push the envelope with color.  in my first grown-up apartment i painted the walls of my dining room a deep ralph lauren red.  and now i find myself believing less is more.  this space is a true testament of that.  so serene, clean and elegant with a subtle backdrop allowing the gorgeous finishes and fixtures to really shine.

i'm in absolute love with those natural oak floors.

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Kari said...

OOOOh, I love those floors too! We're desperately trying to find the right new wood floors for our new house- maybe those are the ones?