Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i'm baaaaaaaaack

hello internets!

i'm back and feeling 90% recuperated after a whirlwind of wedding and honeymoon events.  everything was wonderful.  we feel incredibly blessed.

i wanted to share with you our travels to costa rica really quick before returning back to our regular program.  the mister and i spent weeks months researching the perfect place to spend our travels.  we wanted it to be extraordinary.  i believe taking our time to dig in and do our homework really paid off, but i'll let you be the judge.

mr. anderson & i on our ATV rental

the thing that caught my eye about florblanca was the architecture.  each private villa was intended to embrace the outdoors and the beautiful surroundings within santa teresa, costa rica. 

the only room in the villa that was completely enclosed was the bedroom.  every other space was open to the lush jungle outdoors.

i knew this would be either a really incredible experience or a really scary one.  if anyone knows me at all knows that i'm not a fan of critters being within my living space. 

hearing the howler monkeys the very first night when i was needing to make a trip to the restroom, i'll admit, was rather intimidating.  the deep sounds that came out of those little creatures is something that will forever be planted in my memory. 

the monkeys, however, respected our space.  as did most other wildlife with the exception of an occasional lizard or crab.

if you are seeking an all-inclusive large resort with several swim up bar/buffet/restaurant options, this may not be your cup of tea.  florblanca is small, quiet, and intimate with attention in every single minute detail.  be sure to check out their 'green season' rates and discounts for staying more than 4 nights.

our goal was to make this a trip we would never forget and indeed, it undoubtedly was.

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deborah said...

What a beautiful honeymoon vacation, I might have to try real hard to get Don to take me (if only I could get him out of the Ozarks) deb & don pool