Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday funday?

hardly, but wouldn't that have been nice.  i can say it was a productive sunday.

there has been a lingering project that i finally checked off my list today.  the kind of project you avoid because you know it's going to involve hours of patching and sanding (and more patching and sanding) before you can even begin to think about the painting process ...

seeing this photo recently, was very sobering.  the unfinished hallway in the background stuck out like a sore thumb and was just the motivation i needed to kick myself into high gear.

how cute of us!  oh, wait ....

after committing to a long day soley focused to this space, i can now breath easier knowing we have a clean, fresh backdrop for any future photo op.

i decided to carry the benjamin moore white dove from the kitchen into the hallway as well.  because of the lack of a light source, this small space can feel dark very easily.

still to do:  recessed lighting, art, wood floors, and new door hardware.

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taylor said...

way to go lex! it looks great!