Tuesday, September 21, 2010

out of the office

for the next several days you will find me here, sipping on a mint julep:

or here, drinking coffee and reading the morning paper ...

or here, cooking up some fresh seafood ...

or here, watching the dolphins swim ...

this is my old stomping ground, savannah, georgia (photos from the nearby island of tybee). 

funny what a small town this is.  it turns out that i met with the owner of this home, an architect, several years ago while shopping for designers for a project that i was working on.  that must explain the charm of this tybee island cottage!

if you are looking for a beach getaway i highly recommend a savannah/tybee destination.  details to this vacation cottage can be found here.   

wishing you a fun filled week as well!

a clean slate

it has been a long process, but at last, the wallpaper is stripped, the walls patched, and the walls (ceiling, windows, trim, doors) all have a fresh coat of paint. 

the previous wallpaper just wasn't my style so the door to this room has been closed as much as possible.  now the door is open and it's like a whole new room and addition to our home!

before pic

surprise surprise, I went with gray.  I had good intentions of selecting a new color for this space but as I started applying the paint it looked strikingly similar to the hallway and living room walls.  like a creature of habit, i suppose i am drawn to the same colors ...

i went with Valspar Lyndhurst Castle Sand.

i almost went with a chocolate brown but since this space will serve as an office i really want cheery colors to inspire motivation!  i think the gray will pair nicely with pops of bold colors. 

my armoire has found a new home thanks to craigslist so i'm now on a mission to find functional office furniture.  stay tuned!