Wednesday, August 25, 2010

to sell or not to sell?

my armoire and i go way back to an off-the-beaten-path georgia antique store circa 2002.  i could barely afford it back then, but i couldn't walk away. 

heather and i managed to squeeze it into my ford focus station wagon and move it ourselves.  twice. 

it housed a couple different bulky television sets throughout the years.  but now, i'm afraid, i struggle to find a purpose for it to serve (or the space). 

(upon first moving to lamar it housed my old hand-me-down TV)

(rob's upgrade to the room - technology.  go figure!)

i have temporarily stored it in a guest bedroom but as that room is being converted to an office it has not found it's functional purpose in that space either.

it may be time to let go. 

(either that, or store it in my basement with the other items that are quickly accumulating ...)

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Kerstin said...

how did you and Heather move that giant thing!?