Wednesday, April 7, 2010

diy: fixing a broken oven. (yep, that's right!)

i made a batch of cookies over the weekend and my heart sank when i discovered my (adorable, charming, vintage) thermador oven wouldn't preheat. 

it really is a charming little oven, yes?  i realize there is a very good chance that the oven is original to the house which would make it ... hmmm ... only 63 years old.  i was still hoping this wasn't thermador's final day on lamar avenue.  

after digging a little deeper i spotted the potential problem:  the heating element was broken.  i also discovered the heating element simply plugs into the bottom of my oven and can be easily pulled out (don't mind the dirty oven).


so off to my local appliance store i went, with my broken heating element and oven model number.  a replacement cost me a whopping $29.99 (and a week's wait).  fingers crossed it will last another 63 years ...


tbirdmama said...

You are quite the problem solver! I am impressed!

Nicholas Cooke said...

What was the model number of your Thermador? My parents have the double wall model and we cant seem to find the model number and they are in need of some replacement parts. Thank you