Thursday, March 11, 2010

crafting, baby.

my fellow crafter, taylor, brought this project to my attention recently as we were both in the market for baby gifts.  how adorable, right?!

see more photos and the full directions here. 


Onesie or T-shirt
Print out of the glasses you like (sized the size you want…mine were about 5 inches wide)
Shiny black material
Iron on crystals
Heat-n-Bond no sew iron on adhesive


Step 1: Print your image the size you want it on the shirt. Mine was about 5 inches wide. Cut the image out.

Step 2: Iron the No-Sew Adhesive to the shiny black material

Step 3: Trace your glasses

Step 4: Cut the black material (that is already adhered to the adhesive) following your traced lines

Step 5: Remove the paper lining on the adhesive

Step 6: Iron on the glasses to the onesie. I put a thin fabric between my glasses and the iron because I was afraid the heat would melt the shiny aspect of the black fabric.

Step 7: Arrange your iron-on crystals onto the onesie

Step 8: Iron on the crystals following the package directions

kari, i expect a photo soon of miss d sporting this cuteness.  ;)

and if you're in the market for a baby boy gift what about adapting the directions to make a version of this onesie (not feeling crafty?  buy this one off etsy):

i made one for my favorite little man, enzo.

happy crafting!


taylor said...

thanks for the shout out lex! these onesies are so cute and i'm really anxious to make more soon! i can't wait until laura's twins are here so i can see them on the babies!

Tina said...

Oh my! those are so cute. especially little baby Enzo. They sell onesies just like that for an arm and a leg at a cute little baby shop in town.sancar

Kari said...

delaney & enzo are so lucky to have these! i'll definitely post a picture of the little lady in her darling outfit! thanks again for the adorable gift. :)

Barb said...

I remembered this blog post from way back, and I will be trying my luck at these tonight!! Considering I know about 10 pregnant people right now, I might get really really good at it. Thanks for posting!