Sunday, February 7, 2010

keeping it clean

the subject of wood floor cleaners has come up with several of my friends in recent weeks.  i am no expert, however, i've had wood floors professionally refinished and their cleaning recommendations stand still in my mind:

wood is not made to be wet.  it will expand and contract with moisture, therefore, do not use a wet mop.  large amounts of water can cause wood to swell and may cause your floor to crack or splinter.

my refinisher specifically recommends Bona (which I have recently also spotted at Lowe's).  seriously awesome product with no film residue left behind.  you can purchase the whole kit or just the spray to use with a dry mop of your preference. 

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AND i may have found a more efficient solution to eliminating the dust bunnies than hauling around my bulky vacuum from room to room. i was just introduced to the dirt devil kurv by sherry on young house love. she is raving about this little guy:

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So for anyone with hardwood and tile floors looking for something a bit less cumbersome than a vacuum and a bit more thorough than a swiffer duster pad or a dustpan, feel free to court the Kurv.
this may just be the solution i've been looking for.  it is lexie vs. dog hair 7 days of the week at my house.

what about you?  any cleaning tricks or products that you swear by and care to share?


Kari said...

Cool! I feel like it's a constant battle in our house of me vs. dog smell. Recently, I put a few drops of essential oil (I used lavender) in a baking soda container (the plastic one, not the box) and sprinkled it on our rug and- voila! it smelled like lavender and not dog! :)

Lexanne said...

good tip, kari! i am always fighting not to have a dog smelling house too.

Kerstin said...

I think I saw that Bona stuff at cost-co as well. I need a new method for cleaning the wood floors so I will have to try it!

christinaalessi said...

How funny! I was *just* looking into this very subject the other day. I've been using a steam mop once a week as it doesn't get too saturated. But I'm looking for something to give them a nice shine.

I'll have to give this stuff a try!

And I love the doggie smell advice! Thanks :)