Sunday, January 10, 2010

on the hunt for practical-beautiful-affordable bedding!

when rob moved in, so did this fabulous chair.


but then so did this bed. hmmm ...

(i think the bedding is in need of an upgrade, no?)

so here we are and now the hunt is on. i've always been a sucker for white linens. don't you just want to crawl into these sheets?

however, with wiggles and niko sneaking up to snuggle, white is probably not the most practical solution.

so perhaps white linens paired with a (larger) colorful throw (aka dog blanket) like jenny did?

i also like her concept of a simple duvet with ribbon trimming.

i am drawn to this dwell bedding, however, i'm not sure it's the look i'm going for in this room.

i love how in this southern living bedroom makeover, white is kept to a minimum yet it is still a fresh look. now where can i find those pillows?  (photo from pure style home)

which is your favorite? do you have good resources you want to share? i have searched everywhere from target to ebay and nothing is grabbing me. i'm hoping these images can inspire me to customize my own creation.


heather said...

i looooooooooooove the last photo- so you... or is it so me???? do you have a tj maxx??

Kari said...

I think the last photo was my favorite too (but I'd be happy with any of them...). I'm on the hunt for new linens too- if you find any great resources, will you pass them my way too?

Kerstin said...

This is a cute post! I've been looking for new bedding too, and I think all dog lovers have that added challenge in the color choice!!