Sunday, January 17, 2010

ebay, baby.

i'll admit, i'm basically an ebay virgin. i bid on some cowboy boots many years ago but was easily outbid because of my lack of attention after placing the initial offer. my neighbors at the time had huge success with ebay purchases from her wedding ring to their living room sofa. i'm not sure why i was so easy to give up but the whole process was a little intimidating to me.

one of the blogs i follow recently mentioned how you can get steals on ebay fabrics if you know what you're looking for and have the time to be patient. it was just enough to restore my interest since i'm always on the hunt for a good deal.

as you know, new bedding is on my mind. first things first, a down comforter.

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i started with macy's and was pleased to find they were having a weekend sale with down comforters 50-65% off. this one in particular caught my eye because of the price and rave reviews.

i decided to go a step further and look on ebay and to my surprise an auction was about to close on the same comforter at $26.00 with only one bidder! this time, i was going to be more strategic. i decided to bid on it 5 minutes before the bidding time expired. my heart pounded looking at the clock counting down the longest 5 minutes ever, then BAM, i was outbid at 5 seconds left! the nerve. 5 SECONDS, PEOPLE! evidently, i'm still an inexperienced ebayer. sigh.

after feeling discouraged, i did notice that some items were available to "buy now". i found the same comforter (new, of course) from a "top seller" for $50. sold! enough with the bidding non-sense (at least, for now). it's funny how losing made me more determined than ever to get my hands on this comforter. fingers crossed that it lives up to the reviews!

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Tina said...

Oy! I get a shout-out on your awesome blog. I feel so special :) I still love ebay. Nowadays, having a kid and all, i have been selling some of my nice clothes and making a good deal of cash which i then immediately go right back to ebay and buy cute clothes for Shaya.

Kyle's dad just bought a Porshe in primo condition on ebay for next to nothing. Must be in the blood. xoxo.