Sunday, November 8, 2009

a call for help

I have been struggling with my formal living room for several months. It has been a hodgepodge of furniture pieces with nothing cohesive. I called my fellow designer friend this week, Heather, in for help. You will see exactly just why I used to have a design studio with her ... she has a great vision. Here is Heather's take on the room:

i LOVE the painting with the sofa. if you just look at those 2 things together i think you could get a different idea about where your room should go. i see a more bohemian/artsy look in there. i also love the white chairs and the horns (;-).

although i love the rug i feel like it's dragging this room down because it's almost too structured/traditional. i think it would go better in your white living room and definitely put harry in here instead.

also, the crystal lamps around that painting seem a bit too fussy but i think that you could move them to the console if they're not too big.

the room feels a little unbalanced because of the white chairs in front of the white/light window. i'm sure you've tried the sofa on the wall where the plantation cabinet is but it maybe would open the room up a little and allow you to separate the chairs. i love the color on the walls btw... maybe if you can think about it like a bar/lounge in there...

i also think if you put a mirror around the console you should hang the horns around the mirror. put those crystal lamps/ horns around the mirror and paint the parsons table glossy red (be careful and don't get it too blueish- more like chinese red like that girl did) it will bring more of that color in the painting across the room so it all relates.

i'm attempting to give you a picture of what i'm thinking, please don't think i suck...

lexie_8x11__3___1_ -

ps- i love the citrine yellow as well... get some funky old school lamps to go on the side tables. they don't even have to match, but i think they need super big shades. also, banana plants do a great job of filling up wall space... they're my favorite!

pss- where did you get that painting?? i love it...

Isn't she good?! I can't wait to get started. Thanks, Heather, for giving me new direction!