Monday, October 26, 2009

fall fire anyone?

i recently went to a girlfriend's house for a fall happy hour that was centered around the outdoor fire pit. not only was it a fabulous fun fall activity, we actually got to make smores! i decided right then that i would not be depriving myself of a fire pit any longer and marched myself over to target the very next day. now i can create the same atmosphere within the comfort of my own home anytime i want.

tips for interior photos

i was so happy to stumble across this blog post today.

(i sure have been hitting the jackpot this last week on finding my own blogs to follow).

paul costello wants you to take better photos.

i had a little practice round. what do you think?



both photos were taken with the same camera. i finally have a photo to accurately reflect my new living room color. good lessons learned today. thanks, paul!

a vision

can this ...

look like this (end table)?

(and how lovely is that headboard?)
you've inspired me, jenny.

i've almost completed my own glossy white beauty. finished photos soon to come!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

third time's the charm

it has taken 3 tries to get a satisfying paint color in this room. i'm such a sucker for gray ...

(Behr Granite Boulder)

now that i (finally) have the paint color nailed down, i can begin transforming the rest of the room. stayed tuned ...