Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a change of heart (again).

although i still do love marble, i am accepting the fact that i have a case of expensive (unaffordable) taste.

(at least until i hit a million in wallcovering sales).

i discovered a possible solution last night browsing through Design Sponge: butcher-block countertops from Ikea= hella cheap; hella cool, yo.

now we're talking.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

fighting for the marble.

i've had this idea in my head that i want marble countertops. yet, it seems i need to fight for my right ... to maaaaaaaarbbbbbbbbbble.

i don't understand why marble would be included in kitchen designs of every domino magazine kitchen AND in the dream kitchen of house beautiful (which was just installed on oprah's set last night, by the way), if it's not a practical installation.

i keep getting weird looks at the very mention of the stone.

whatev! I WANT MARBLE!!!!

it etches (if you leave a puddle of wine on the surface overnight)? it's a softer stone? okay. honestly, i am not comforable with a perfect sterile solution anyway. marble has been around forever ... europe has embraced it, why haven't we?

is it really necessary to have a product that is so sterile and dense that it shows no character of time?

am i crazy??

i remember getting a lot of questions for having stainless countertops in my savannah house because it scratches. i, myself, love that it wears and earns character over time ... just as in the same way, i love older homes.

although, the $2300 quote i received may be the deciding factor ...