Sunday, December 27, 2009

my cottage kitchen update

you may remember my kitchen when i first bought the house ... just a little dark and drab, no?

i started with the biggest task, painting the cabinets BM october mist (and replacing the hardware, of course).

next, the backsplash. i opted for simple white subway tile.

i thought the room was still too dark and painted the wood walls BM white dove.

and after a long process of shopping counters i finally decided on butcherblock.

(a very special thanks to rob and rich who put in two long days to install these beauties.)

at that point, it really felt like it was starting to come together.

of course, when the new counters were installed i couldn't just put back in my junky old sink and faucet. upgrades were badly needed.

i couldn't find any flush-mount lighting fixtures that i liked, so i spent a little extra money for recessed cans and couldn't be happier.

i bought a mirror from old time pottery and converted it to a chalkboard.

here's before and "after" shots of the room (although, i still have plans for the floor).

what do you think? the kitchen has always had a little cottage charm that i hope really shines now.


Kari said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! If you ever want a 'working vacation' in Austin, we'd love your brilliant ideas at our house! ;)
I might have to copy your framed chalkboard idea.

keeks said...

The lighting & the chalkboard really pull the look together!

Barb said...

Clever and adorable! Great choices. :) Love the pop of color with the chalkboard, so crafty! I want to see your place someday!

kelly witmer said...

This is fantastic! I love that you really worked with what you had, keeping great details like that oven hood.

Paula Prass said...

I agree with everyone. I love that you were able to work with what you had...and the chalkboard frame is genious.

kristen said...

hi design and the city!! i saw your kitchen on Design Sponge today and almost fell over-- i purchased a home back in april with an almost IDENTICAL kitchen!! i was wondering if there is a way i could email you and ask you a question about it?? (ive never done this before, so i dont know if thats "weird" or whatever...) i hope to hear from you!!!!

bananas. said...


i just came over from design sponge and i am loving your new kitchen. i'm planning to have my cabinets painted next week and this just got me really REALLY excited.

but what caught my eye was your DIY chalkboard...did you use chalkboard paint over the mirror part? i am looking to do this for my kitchen as well.

jona said...

What a happy new kitchen! I love the fact that you didn't get new cabinets (and yet they look completely new). Such an inspiration!

taggart said...

Fantastic, saw your kitchen on design sponge. Our house was built in the mid 50's with the same thermador oven.
Does yours have the rotisserie motors in the back? Since we were the third owners it had all the original accessories, roasting pan and rods to fit in the rotisserie.

Julie said...

You are my kitchen re-do hero. We have the same wood cabinets and I really want to paint them. You've given me renewed confidence!

Lexanne said...

thanks everyone for such kind comments!

kristen: my email is

bananas: yes, i just painted directly over the mirror! if you want a magnetic surface, you could replace the mirror with sheet metal and cover that instead with the chalkboard paint.

taggart: i don't think mine has the rotisserie motors. now, i have oven envy ... :)

christinaalessi said...

Hi there:
I came over from Design Sponge as well and I'm totally inspired by your kitchen!
Mine has been an eyesore since we moved in last November and I just don't know where to start.

I hope you don't mind if I email you with a question too.
Beautiful work!

Beth H said...

the cottage charm DEFinitely shines through now! great work. love that you kept the period details intact (old scalloped hood, wall oven, scalloped wood trim). i found you on Design Sponge, too. : )

MadHenMama said...

I love this! My kitchen, while a bit bigger has the exact same cabinetry, Old Thermador Oven and Cooktop and even a similar floor! I am so inspired to brighten things up! Thank you.

MadHenMama said...

Oh! The counter tops are the same as your original ones, too!

Chelsea said...

The yellow framed chalkboard is KILLER.

Did you paint the cabinets yourself? I am planning a cabinet-painting project myself and I'm scared shitless.

Was it hard?

Lexanne said...

Chelsea: I did paint the cabinets myself and it is a BIG task. Don't be scared, though, you can do it! You get the most resale value from your kitchen (and bathrooms) and it is a highly used space ... so it makes it all worth it in the end. Feel free to email me with questions or for moral support. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I too would be very interested in hearing about your cabinet painting experience. Any tips and tricks to share. You remodle turned out so well! I sent a link to my husband so he could visualize how nice our kitchen has the potential to be. we have dark 70's looking cabinets as well.

Chelsea said...

I totally will, thanks.

You'll be sorry you offered. ;)

But I'm in KC, too, so I could even take you out for moral support tell-me-everything-that-I-need-to-do-as-if-I'm-a-complete-moron/bribery coffee or something.

kvlm said...

i love it! finally, i found someone with the same problem i have who did exactly what i want to do...paint! (my husband thinks i'm nuts). we have so much wood paneling, thank you for showing me how good it would look painted.


Lexanne said...

i will be posting this weekend on tips to cabinet painting so stay tuned.

Chelsea: YAY for KC living! what a small world!