Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a change of heart (again).

although i still do love marble, i am accepting the fact that i have a case of expensive (unaffordable) taste.

(at least until i hit a million in wallcovering sales).

i discovered a possible solution last night browsing through Design Sponge: butcher-block countertops from Ikea= hella cheap; hella cool, yo.

now we're talking.


taylor said...

it seems like we may know a guy or two or could make these... hummm... :)

or back to the marble... i saw that giada has ALL marble countertops and they are gorgeous. but i'm sure she can afford it... or at least food network can.

taylor said...

a guy or two WHO could make these... not or...


Kari said...

love your blog! I'm hooked! ;)

Edward said...

So, I saw this TV show the other day where they used the Big metal plates they use to cover the road while they do construction...They polished it up, bent it a little bit and it was AWESOME!

Great BLOG!!


Lexanne said...

it finally occurred to me to check on shipping for these ikea countertops. $280 for each one (i knew there had to be a catch!). sooo ... yeah ... i think i have successfully talked utilitarian workshop into doing the work. i may as well convert my house into their showroom.