Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just a minor roadblock ...

i had such high hopes for this past weekend. i was dead set on getting my kitchen cabinet doors installed so i could move on to something else.

it sooo didn't happen.

not even close.

intially there were exterior hinges on my cabinet doors. they were dated and almost western looking. one of the first things i did was take those babies off and throw them in the trash.

after a full day of hardware shopping, i decided on a partially concealed interior hinge. what i didn't realize is that the interior hinge actually added 1/8" to the width of each door and prevented two doors closing side-by-side; the openings are now too small for the extra width added.

of course i already had all 38 hinges installed on the cabinet doors. brilliant.

after i finally calmed down i was able to weigh out my options:

1. stick with an exterior hinge:

2. cut 1/8" off of each door.

anyone have a table saw?

1 comment:

taylor said...

Rich does! Good luck girl...