Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 in Review

managing my time was the biggest challenging as a working mom in 2014.  the blog was put on the back burner, as well as many house projects.  we have all learned to adjust our expectations a bit as new parents and the biggest priority this year was to slow down and enjoy the moment.  here are some of the highlights of our year.

this little one.  naturally.
our first family lake trip.

our royals in the world series!  we got to witness it firsthand.  (fuzzy action shot;)

we stumbled on this gem of a lake property and went for it.
summertime is the best time.

fall in Kansas City is stunning.

olive turned 1!
Wishing you all wonderful things in 2015.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

She's here!

Introducing Olive.

(Do you think that print is for her, or more for us as new parents?) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

a little craigslist dresser, polka dots, and a touch of gold

I found this little Craigslist dresser that fits perfectly in the nursery. 

It will also serve as a changing table.  I'm hoping the top drawer will work well for storing diapers, wipes, and that sort of thing. 

Circles seem to be playing a theme in here.  Even though I don't want a plethora of pink items, I couldn't resist these bright fun polka dot crib sheets.

Have you had a chance to check out JCP lately?  I'm obsessed with this Michael Graves floor lamp (that was on clearance for 50% off).

Another addition, is this Be Brave print I found on Etsy

Next week the glider will be delivered so I'll be sharing some better overall photos of the nursery very soon.  We're almost there! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

getting started on the nursery

baby items are starting to make their way into our home and things are getting real. 

after studying reviews and prices, we landed on the bayletto Hudson convertible crib (right now on sale at allmodern.com).  all this baby gear is seriously overwhelming - it feels really good to cross one big item off the list. 

my mom came to visit and helped me with curtains while she was in town.  it was so nice to have an extra set of hands and another creative mind to help with a project, for a change.

i purchased the plain silk curtain panels from Target and she sewed on the little ball trim.  we also added some black-out liner in hopes that the baby will sleep for hours and hours at a time.  ;)   

while she was here, we also made a mobile to hang over the crib ... an idea i had first seen on Martha Stewart's website for party d├ęcor.

by the way, we're having a girl.  :)  :)  :) 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

jute rug, side chairs, and a little lucite

i ordered a couple of pieces for our front living room and things are finally starting to come together in there.  what do you think of our new jute rug and chairs?  (you may remember me talking about our chair purchase a few months ago.)

this was my first time buying from rugs usa, and it was a great experience.  the positive reviews, 50% off, and free shipping didn't hurt either. 

i always regretted skimping on the size of our other rug and decided this time to go big (10 x 12 to be exact).  best decision ever.  i was so pleased with how it changed the room, it motivated me to keep moving forward.  and so i decided to finally jump on that cb2 lucite coffee table i've always adored. 

just for fun, here's a look back at before. 

and after ...

Monday, May 13, 2013

a new appreciation this mother's day

it was a cold january morning when i first found out our lives were about to drastically change.  i already knew the answer but needed to see the confirmation for myself.  i let the test lay on the bathroom counter and came back into the room again and again to stare at it in disbelief.  could this be it? 

i decided to wake rob up to show him, to make sure i wasn't dreaming.  we both felt it seemed too good to be true and agreed to take another test again the next day.  and the next day, the results flashed on the screen even faster than before. 

several ultrasounds and pounds later, i think the reality has finally set in.  we're having a baby! 
it feels like such a gift and i'm so incredibly thankful.

 16 weeks

this mother's day feels a little different as we look into our future and have a bigger appreciation for our own mothers than ever before. 

happy mother's day to all you amazing inspiring mothers! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

refinished kitchen cabinets

our kitchen cabinets are oak and original to the house.  although they have held up nicely, oak cabinets in general feel a little dated and country to me.  there's also quite a lot of wood going on in one room:  wood floors, wood trim, wood beams, wood doors, wood cabinets.  it was screaming for a little more interest/contrast.

our realtor recommended getting the cabinets professionally refinished, and since painting the cabinets in our last kitchen had been such a tedious process, i was completely open to the idea of hiring it out this time around.

our kitchen looked like a scene out of dexter for a couple days.  everything had to be taped off since the cabinets would be refinished using a sprayed lacquer. 

color:  Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray HC-105
total cost:  $1400

$1400 at first seemed like a lot of money to me until we received a second bid back that was more than twice that amount.  as much time as we spend in our kitchen, it was decided that the expense was worth it.  i also knew i'd never be able to create as professional of a finish myself with a paint brush and roller. 
(i'm still on the hunt for new hardware...)
what do you think of the end result?